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Natekey Page Owens

Processed For The Promise

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My Story

North Carolina native, Natakey Page Owens is a dynamic certified speaker, domestic violence activist, and supporter of women’s rights. Consistently, she has been able to pry off the claws of adversity; to persevere and create a greater life for her family. Natakey is a graduate of NC Wesleyan, where she received her BS in Business Administration. Also, for almost two decades Ms. Owens has been making women feel and look beautiful, while serving as a board-certified cosmetologist. Life hasn’t always been an easy road, but Natakey is a conqueror. She lost her mother to domestic violence and became a teen mother. In addition, she is a former victim of domestic violence. Natakey’s love for God, her children, and other women consistently drive her towards greatness. Natakey’s personal mission is to lead generations of women from victim to victor. Continue to be on the lookout for Natakey Page Owens and the wonderful things she will continue to do.

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Domestic Violence Activist
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Real Love! Are you searching for a real love? There has been a void in your life that remains due to lack of loving God and yourself. You have done it your way time and time again, but failed. NOW, you need to make a change and it starts with you being processed.

In this book, Natakey takes you through her own process. It is her belief that God needs to process you first, while you await for the things that he has promised you. Start believing that the one REAL love that you have been desiring, can and will happen for you. This love that you so desire should begin and end with Christ' however he will teach you how to love everyone else in between, especially yourself

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"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending!" ~C.J. Lewis

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